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"In one walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks"-John Muir


We are happy to announce that we are now open in our new Downtown White Sulphur Springs location and carrying even more of everything you need for your day, weekend, or week out exploring all that Central Montana has to offer. 

We carry camping gear, fishing gear, ammunition, clothing, footwear, MT made gifts, natural bodycare, and we are also a Montana State Liquor Store.  

Need somewhere to stay? Check out our AirBnb space…”The Barnwood Cabin”! Details below.

Need to rent some gear for your trip down the Smith River? Let us help! Check out the details below.

Please stop in, say hi, see what we have to offer and pick up some supplies for your adventure!

White Sulphur Springs is home to an array of outdoor activities. Meagher County is a real treasure to hunt, fish, hike, trap, camp, snowmobile, ski, snowboard, cross country ski, float, or even just drive around for the day! Located in the Smith River Valley, White Sulphur Springs is surrounded by the Castle Mountains, The Little Belt Mountains, and the Big Belt Mountains...and the Smith River runs through it. With just a little bit of gas, and a heart of adventure, you can really get into the soul of some wild Montana country. Check out the Meagher County Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about our area. 


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(406) 547.3259


Location- WE MOVED!!

14 S Central Ave

White Sulphur Springs, 59645



M-Sat- 9:30 am-5:30 pm
Sunday- 11:00 am-3pm 

Closed Sundays January-April

The Barnwood Cabin

NEW and now booking for Summer 2019!

Come stay with us!

Remember our old store? Over by the Branding Iron Cafe? Well, we turned that into a great little White Sulphur Springs getaway cabin! If you love a rustic feel with modern amenities then you will love to stay at “The Barnwood Cabin”. Conveniently located right in White Sulphur Springs and loaded with everything you need for a Central Montana weekend, week, or month!

The Barnwood Cabin sleeps 5-7 people comfortably. Here’s the specs…

2 bedrooms, 5 beds (GIANT FULL SIZE bunk beds and one King), bathroom with separate room for toilet and sink, fully stocked kitchen, washer/dryer, WIFI, large living area with a great table that will fit everyone, bar top seating, wrap around porch, and breakfast items provided! This spot is about 1000 sq ft so there’s room for everyone but it can get cozy!

For questions or more details, call the store at 406-547-3259.

Ready to book? Head to our page on Air BnB!

Please note that we handle all of our cabin rental business through the air bnb site. We do not take reservations over the phone.

Click Here—-> The Barnwood Cabin

Book now!

Follow any of the "Book Now" links below to book online! We are also open 7 days a week at the shop to answer calls. You are also more than welcome to book over the phone. 406.547.3259

14' NRS Otter Self-Bailing Rafts

14' NRS Otter Self-Bailing Rafts

NRS Otter 140, Self-Bailing-$95/Day

14’ Ft. Long raft with 2 seats (comfortably accommodates 3 people and gear for a 3-5 day float)

-Comes Equipped with the NRS Bighorn frame, 2 adjustable seats. One seat has a back, one does not.

-Life vests, repair kit, rescue rope, patch kit, back-up hand pump, and anchor system included. All other accessories are add-on options.

-These boats have only been used a couple of times. Enjoy these basically brand new rafts!


NRS Otter 130, Self-Bailing-$90/Day

13’ Ft. Long Raft with 2 seats (comfortably accommodates 2 people and gear for a 3-5 day float)

- Comes Equipped with the NRS Bighorn frame, 2 adjustable seats. One seat has a back, one does not.

-Life vests, repair kit, rescue rope, back-up hand pump, and anchor system included. All other accessories are add-on options.

-These boats have only been used a couple of times. Enjoy these basically brand new rafts!


** NOTE: Using a simple tool that will be provided, seats and frames can be moved around to accommodate gear, dry boxes, coolers, and people! We are happy to arrange the frames to fit your needs.

Old Town Canoes - 14' & 16.5' Options

Old Town Canoes - 14' & 16.5' Options

14.5’ Old Town Seranac $40/Day

-Comfortably floats 2 people with conservatively packed gear for a 3-5 day float

-Great option if you are unsure of flows. A canoe can float during very low flow times easier than their heavy raft buddy. We will rent a canoe down to 125 CFS.

16.5' Old Town Seranac $40./Day

-Same idea as the 14.5' but just a little more leg room ;) 

bear fence.gif

Add-on's available! 

Bear Proof Fencing $25/day

          -IGBC Approved food storage containers AND/OR an electric fence is REQUIRED for food storage during your trip down the Smith River.

            -This fence is UDAP Brand…includes 30 Ft. of Mesh Fencing & full electric fencing system.

            -Rolls up neatly into a bag just larger than a camp chair (about 9 lbs)

            -Works off 4 D batteries (included) An extra set of batteries will also be included.

            -Set up in an area away from camp with no grasses/branches touching the wire (something continuously touching the line will render the shock useless and will drain the batteries)

            -All food storage containers not IGBC approved will need to be placed into the fenced area. Food, cooking supplies, etc. all needs to be placed in the fenced area. This fence will accommodate a large party within reason…30 feet in circumference…15 ft. diameter.

            -Certain years bears have been more active around campsites than others. It is not very common to encounter a black bear on a trip down the Smith but taking precautions, such as using an electric fence, or IGBC certified containers will help to deter, or at least not encourage, bears to enter campsites. Remember…A fed bear is a dead bear!

NRS Eddie Out Dry Box (NOT BEAR PROOF) Comes STANDARD with a raft rental!

            -THIS IS NOT A BEAR PROOF (IGBC CERTIFIED) DRY BOX. BUT it’s quite handy!

-This is a dry box that fits between the frame arms on the raft. A high back stationary seat is attached for the rower.

-This is intended to be used for clothing, gear, etc. that you would like to readily access during your float. Food and drinks may be put in this box but if so, you are responsible for taking it out of the boat in the evening and storing it in a bear proof fencing system or an IGBC certified container.


Dry Box for a 14’ Raft: 38L x 16H x 13D

Dry Box for a 13’ Raft: 36L x 16H x 16D

Yeti 105 Cooler (Bear Proof) $10/day

            -IGBC certified, Bear Proof only with nuts & bolts that will be provided

            -Can be used cold or for dry storage

Platform/Cargo Net: $5/day

            -Heavy duty mesh platform that lifts belongings off the raft floor

            -Cargo Net to cover and hold down belongings